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The Most Comprehensive Identity Protection and Restoration Available

Starting at $12.95 per month.

Individual and family plans

  • Protect your reputation

    As many as 9 million people have their identity stolen each year in the United States and North America.

  • Monitor your credit

    Let us monitor your credit for any changes or updates in real time

  • Restore your identity

    It takes and average of 200 hours and 6 months to restore your identity.

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IDShield protects your bottom line and offers help whenever you need it.

IDShield Features and Pricing

All of our plans come with the following core benefits.

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Consultations and Restoration by Certified Specialists
Comprehensive Reputation Restoration

IDShield Identity Specialists will also work on your behalf to help correct identity issues you may be having regarding law enforcement personnel and other organizations that may maintain information about you. 

Privacy Management Consultation

Members can consult with a certified Identity Theft Specialist to get guidance on ways they can protect their privacy, reputation and PII on data broker sites, voice assistance devices (Alexa, Google, etc.) and online browsers (Brave, Ghost, etc.). Consultation on password management resources is also provided.

Full Service Financial Restoration

IDShield Identity Theft Specialists will also work on your behalf to help correct identity theft issues you have with affected financial agencies and institutions, including: credit cards, financial institutions, and credit repositories. 

24/7 Emergency Assistance

If your identity is stolen, your plan includes access to our licensed private investigators 24/7/365 for immediate help.

Easily access all of your alerts and plan benefits with our easy to use app. View details and download our app now.

Lost Wallet Support

If you lose your wallet or purse, our investigators will assist you. Your dedicated investigator will provide guidance to prevent fraud or theft and use special database scans to determine if any misuse of your personal identity has occurred. If theft has occurred, they will immediately open a restoration case and restore your status.

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Download our free IDShield mobile app, so you can have 24/7 assistance for emergencies - right in the palm of your hand!

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Privacy Monitoring and Protection
Credit Monitoring

IDShield monitors your credit report and triggers an alert when your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) appears on a credit check – giving you a chance to review potentially fraudulent activity. 

Dark Web Monitoring

IDShield uses intelligent analytics to continuously monitor the dark web - monitoring for mentions of your PII.The dark web includes black market websites, underground forums and file sharing source. If your personal data is exposed, you will receive an alert. 

Privacy Identity Monitoring

IDShield monitors your personal identity daily and provides instant alerts about related to key elements of identity theft, including driver's licence, Medical ID, email addresses, phone numbers, passport and more. 

Address Change Monitoring

IDShield monitors your address history in the Canadian Postal Service through the Canada Post Change of Address Database. You’ll be notified of any change in address as soon as it appears in the database giving you another layer of protection against fraud and theft.

Data Sweep

IDShield Canada provides an early warning system by scanning public directories on the internet for your PII, including your mailing address, phone numbers and email addresses. You receive an alert on your member dashboard and via email should your information be discovered. 

Wallet Lock

IDShield will perform a real-time search of breach websites to determine if your email address has been compromised in a data breach.

Monthly Score Tracker

The credit score tracker allows you to watch your TransUnion credit score on a monthly basis with a graphical map. Once you have been a member for a year, you'll see a 12-month historic view. 

Medical ID Monitoring

Medical IDs are another place for inaccurate or fraudulent information to appear. The membership area of our website can help you access these medical data reports and take action should you find any inaccurate data.

Credit Reports

You will receive your TransUnion credit report upon authentication of your credit profile. Your initial credit score will be delivered with the report. Canadian credit reports utilize Credit Vision scoring models.

IDShield is the most comprehensive identity theft protection service available. You’ll get best in class service that provides continuous monitoring, includes unlimited recovery of your identity if you are compromised, and educates you about identity theft.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your membership, simply contact us during your first 30 days to cancel, no questions asked.

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  • All plan benefits listed above
  • Transunion credit monitoring
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