Tips to Avoid Coronavirus Scams

Tips to Avoid Coronavirus Scams

In the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there are numerous reports of potential consumer and medical scams you should be aware of in order to take the necessary steps to protect your wallet as well as your personal information.

Stay vigilant against coronavirus scams.

Take measures to avoid scams with these simple tips:

  • Avoid products that specifically claim to be effective against the coronavirus. There currently aren’t any approved products available to treat or prevent the virus, so allegations to the contrary could be a red flag.
  • Take care not to click on links promoting these kinds of unapproved products. It’s possible that thieves may be trying to install malware on your device in order to collect your data and steal your identity.
  • Be cautious of unexpected emails claiming to be from health professionals. Do not click on any links. Always go to the alleged organization’s official website if you want more information.
    Donation scams are looking to cash in on your charitable nature.
  • Do your proper research to make an informed decision before picking out a charity. Be cautious of causes that demand you pay only with cash or money order.

Get help from the professionals.

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