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Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection

Credit & Internet Monitoring, Alerts, & Restoration 
Over 50% of consumers experience identity theft each year.

How We Protect You

Over 150 Million people each year are victims of identity theft, our team of dedicated fraud resolution professionals, best in class credit monitoring, and monthly credit score tracking give you a full picture of what’s going on with your personal information and who is accessing it.

24/7 365 Live Support

Identity theft occurs when you least expect it, we know, and we're always here.

Dark Web Scanning

Sometimes threats aren't always easy to find, we scan the deepest corners of the web every day, when we find your information, you'll know.

Credit Report

Our monthly subscription includes your credit report, free. 

Continuous Credit Monitoring

Know when your credit report is updated or changes.

Unlimited Consultation

Concerned about suspicious activity or have a question about your online privacy or security? Call us.


An early warning system that scans public servers for your personal information.

Name Withheld
Canada Member
I’ve had my identity stolen twice and had IdentityShield℠ along with LegalShield℠
to restore my identity. The first time was from a paper employment application and 17 credit card
accounts were opened in my name.

It would be hard to calculate how much it would have cost on both cases regarding lawyer’s fees, lost wages, loss of career (I hold a Commercial Driver’s License), court fees, fines, etc.
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ID Theft is on the Rise

In 2017 nearly 158 million Social Insurance Number were compromise and 14 million credit card numbers were exposed.

Identity theft hits a new victim every few seconds. While these criminals are using a variety of scams to collect information, many of them are preventable. We're here to both educate and prevent people from the dangers of ID theft. 

Unfortunately, it still happens, and we're here to help when it does.

360° Protection with Credit Monitoring

We monitor information reported by TransUnion to give you total awareness. Detect changes, inquiries, and suspicious activity. 

Lenders, creditors, and many businesses check your financial activity and submit their findings to your credit report. According to  the latest study on credit report accuracy from the FTC, 5% of consumers had errors on one of their major credit bureau reports. This could lead to higher payments for loans and products such as car insurance.

Canada Member
[IDShield] did in 90 days what it would have taken me two or three years to accomplish, if I ever got it done. I can’t imagine what I would have done, if the thief had gotten more than my debit card. If it ever happens again, both my husband and I know that [IDShield] is watching our backs. Since we became members, I have personally received three letters from companies apologizing for losing my information.

Your Membership Includes:

Unlimited Consultation
12 Month Credit Score tracking history
24/7 Access to customer support
Unlimited Identity Restoration Services
Access to In-house Identity Theft Specialists
24/7 Credit Monitoring and Alerts
Dark Web Surveillance
Social Insurance Number Monitoring
Wallet Lock
Credit Report Disputes
Email Breach Status
Change of Address
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Family plans cover you, your spouse and up to 10 dependent children.
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