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Protecting Your Personal Information and Privacy in a Connected World

Controlling your digital identity has never been more critical.

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Our reliance on technology has never been greater with the shift to working from home, online shopping for everything, the deluge of streaming services, and our reliance on social media to keep human connections alive. There are now many more opportunities for both your privacy, personally identifiable information (PII) and your reputation to be exploited.

Despite the opportunities technology is creating, most of us are oblivious to the myriad of ways that our data is exposed and potentially used by others.

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4 critical areas for assessing threat

As you shift your life online, you must protect your privacy and reputation by securing your personal, financial and medical information. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong, you need to take an active role, assess possible threats and protect your digital identity. IDShield wants to help you take control of your digital life so that you understand where the pitfalls lie and how you can protect yourself and your family.

Social media

When not handled correctly, social media use opens you and your family up to significant privacy risks. Failure to take proactive precautions can lead to cyberattacks, cyberbullying, job loss, and more.

    • Follow best practices for sharing personal information
    • Educate yourself on common social media scams
    • Set privacy controls correctly
    • Protect your reputation, think before you share

    By taking simple steps to protect yourself and your family, you can enjoy social media safely. From helping you set up proper controls to monitoring your family’s profiles for problematic posts, IDShield can help you navigate potential privacy pitfalls and protect your identity.

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    A Smart Watch or other smart device needs privacy protection.

    Smart devices

    If you find the complex web of security and privacy settings on smart devices confusing, IDShield’s team of experts and software solutions can help you create a robust defense.

    • Password protect all home networks
    • Change manufacturer default passwords
    • Keep software up to date with the latest security patches
    • Mute microphones and review your privacy settings

    If you find the complex web of security and privacy settings on smart devices confusing, IDShield’s team of experts and software solutions can help you create a robust defense.

    Data brokers

    Data brokers track your online activities and build detailed profiles on you and your family. The brokers then sell your information to governments, companies and individuals who use it to exploit you.

      • Consumer companies use it to target you with advertising.
      • Insurance companies use it to reject you or set your premiums.
      • Hiring managers use it to disqualify you for jobs. You can fight back.

      IDShield can get your personal information deleted from data brokers’ databases. Also, our system will monitor data broker websites to make sure any new information is removed as soon as it surfaces.

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      Online security

      Cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new schemes to capitalize on our digital lives. Each new innovation, platform, or app brings with it a variety of activities they can exploit.

        • Crooks can take over online accounts if you reuse passwords
        • 68% of phishing attacks impersonate well-known brands
        • Email scams evolve; look out for suspicious subject lines
        • Be sure to share sensitive data securely and safely

        Don’t wait for something to go wrong. Take proactive steps to set up an online security defense to protect your password and internet browser privacy, your reputation and your finances. IDShield can help you.

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