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The IDShield Difference

IDShield offers protection beyond identity theft with complete privacy
and reputation management services to help keep your online identity
and personal information private.


The Most Comprehensive Plans Available

IDShield is the most comprehensive identity theft protection service available. You’ll get best in class service that provides continuous monitoring, includes unlimited recovery of your identity if you are compromised, and educates you about identity theft.

ProductsIDShield IndividualLifeLock AdvantageID Watchdog PlusIdentity Guard Total Protection

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Starting at $19.99

($24.99 after first year)

Starting at $14.95


Starting at $19.99


Identity Monitoring   
Credit Monitoring   
Unlimited Consultation   
Licensed Investigator   
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Warning Signs of Identity Theft

Watch for these indicators and act quickly; they could be signs that you’re a victim of identity theft.

These are common warning signs according to the Federal Trade Commission:

  • Withdrawals from your bank account you didn’t make
  • You don’t receive bills or other mail
  • Debt collectors call about accounts you didn’t open
  • You receive tax documents in your name that are unfamiliar
  • An unusual drop in your credit score

Over half of consumers will experience identity theft each year, with an IDShield plan an Identity Theft Specialist will spend an unlimited amount of time and money restoring your identity.

IDShield helps alert you early and mitigate the damage from personal identity and information theft. Subscribe now.


Protect Your Privacy

As many as 150 million people have their identity stolen each year in the United States.*

Manage Your Credit Score

Monitors for any changes or updates found on your credit report in real-time.

Restore Your Identity

It takes an average of 200 hours and 6 months to restore your identity.*

Don't just take our word for it

“When it comes to identity protection and restoration, IDSHIELD provides the most comprehensive service on the market, especially for couples and families. This company monitors your life from every possible angle, from your Social Security number (SSN), credit cards, bank account, investments, email address, phone numbers, even to your social media. The shield of protection extends to the dark web as well.”

Kim Komando

“IDShield offers one of the most comprehensive products on the market today for protecting and restoring your identity.” rating 4.8/5 (Excellent)
Based on 26 customer reviews

IDShield provides best in class service, unlimited recovery if your identity is compromised and help learning about identity theft.